… For the Songs

“High priestess of harmony strikes a chord.” The Australian

“This was a virtuoso performance by the soprano Xenia Hanusiak …”The Mercury

”Xenia Hanusiak sings with beautiful expressive qualities that touch the heart.” La Nazione

“Xenia Hanusiak sang her heart out as beautifully as wordlessly.” Opera, Opera

”Xenia Hanusiak is a multi-talented performer with a lovely voice and an exceptional ability to sustain a mood over an extended period.” The Advertiser

“Hanusiak adroitly negotiates the demands of the composer… from ecstatic
soaring to spoken and whispered text … the singing is supple, full bodied.“ Real Time

”Xenia Hanusiak's Mozart’s Exultate Jubilate was a breath of air sent from heaven.”
Singapore Straits

”Xenia Hanusiak wove a finely spun musical fabric …” The Age

”Soprano Xenia Hanusiak enunciated the work's solos energetically making the most of the solo's top register passages but saving her interpretative best for those spots where the music moved out of predictable territory.” The Age

 … For the Words

“Hanusiak has a solid reputation in contemporary music, not only for her collaborations but also for her own works, in particular "A thousand doors, a thousand windows" which has enjoyed exceptional public approbation.” Opera, opera

“In Ward B, Xenia Hanusiak summons an extraordinary voice. A Chinese man, wrongly condemned, makes an account of his life in a strange Pidgin English he has taught himself. Notions about race and prejudice are inherent in the grammar of the text, rendered with a compelling musicality.” Judging Panel, R.E. Ross Trust Award

“It was a thoroughly engrossing musico-theatrical experience.” Opera, opera

 … For the Curation and Festivals

“Congratulations must go to curator Xenia Hanusiak and Chamber Music Australia for choreographing such a socially provocative event that no doubt surprised commuters and passers-by. For many of them this provided a 10-minute glimpse into the world of classical music, one that might perhaps provide an impetus to get along to a classical music concert or download that favourite piece of Mozart that they listened to as a child. Who knows, one of those dancing kids might go home to tell their parents they’d like to play the violin! You really can’t underestimate the power of events like these.” Limelight Magazine

Earth Songs … a beguiling amalgam of ancient and modern cultural traditions.The Age