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" Within the animist belief system of Indigenous Australians, a songline isalso called a dreaming track – a place where paths  cross the land or sky, marking the route followed by localized "creator-beings" during the Dreamtime"


Directed by Australian, New York based Festival Director Xenia Hanusiak, Songlines for a New World celebrates pioneering women who draw from  different worlds - making music and telling stories about contemporary life with an ageless perspective. The artists in Songlines for a New World are agents of change  – they are the provocateurs and the consciousness of their generation who interject the artistic world with wit, humor, humility, gravitas and critique. 

Through musical performances, storytelling, and installations pioneering women present their virtuosic gifts across the globe making powerful statements.

SONGLINES FOR A NEW WORLD premiered in NEW YORK at NATIONAL SAWDUST’S SPRING REVOLUTION FESTIVAL in 2018, as part of its global tour. In 2020 Songlines for a New World crossed into new border. For a full prospectus of artists, future tours, and engagement possibilities please use the contact page on the website to receive further information.