Some memorable selections of World and Country premieres 

Visages peint dans les Opéra Békin III for Soprano, Peking Opera and Electroacoustic Music

World Premiere               Beijing Music Festival

Composer                                Zhang Xiaofu (China) 

Soprano                                   Xenia Hanusiak (Australia)

Peking Opera:                         Wang Xiaoyan (China)

To give this composition a predominant feature of its cultural background, the composer extracted the common practices of traditional Chinese theatre and created a system of highly symbolic "sound vocabulary" to constitute a language of electroacoustic music which is characteristic of its "shape of sound." Included in this "sound vocabulary" are: samplings of metal and leather theatre percussions, the four major vocal pattern in Peking Opera: singing, reciting, speaking voice, and rhythmical declamation. The composer handled all these samplings of sound under electroacoustic devices, highlighted and arranged their refined character in an acoustical coordinate framework, giving the composition its special effect and charm. 

Musica Acoustic Beijing notes





Australian Premiere              Melbourne International Arts Festival (2004)

Asian Premiere                      

Composer                               Kaija Saariaho (Finland)

Soprano                                  Xenia Hanusiak

“The title Lohn, meaning far away or distant, comes from the old Provençal language, in which the text is sung. The text itself, a poem about love from afar, famous among scholars of mediaeval poetry, is attributed to the mediaeval troubadour Jaufré Rudel. Formally, the piece loosely follows the form of the poem, and is thus divided into nine sections…”

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Crossing Movements

World Premiere  |  Modafe Festival, Seoul

Composer                               Yuta Kumachi

Opera                                      Xenia Hanusiak

Dancers                                  Miyao Akino, Moukam Fonkam, Park Soon-Ho, Lee Seung-Min and Son Hye-Jeong

Electronic Szenography & interactive installation

This work was realized in the context of the Crossing of Movement Project residency at MODAFE 2009. The work includes an interactive installation with 15, 360º video environments, and a performance piece where some of the video-environments became the stage.

Modafe Festival


The Diary of Anne Frank


Australian Premiere                Malthouse Theatre Melbourne (2006)

Composer                                Grigory Frid

Conductor                                Brett Dean

Soprano                                   Xenia Hanusiak

The Diary of Anne Frank is a monodrama in 21 scenes for soprano and chamber orchestra, composed in 1968 and first performed in 1972. The music and libretto are by Grigory Frid, after the eponymous diaryPress.

Xenia has given the country premiere of seminal works by over 50 composers including John Harbison, John Cage, William Bolcom, Luciano Berio, Menotti, Kaija Sariaaho, David Wood, Wolfgang Rihm, David del Tredici and the world premiere performances Australian composers including Gerard Brophy, Andrew Greenwell, Stuart Greenbaum to name a few.


Selected Curation and Artistic Direction

Artistic Director "SONGLINES FOR A NEW WORLD” National Sawdust, Spring Revolution Festival March 2018

Curator, CHAMBER MUSIC AUSTRALIA (2010-2013)


Futures Perfect Project

Curator, THE GARDEN OF JOY AND SORROW, Melbourne International Arts Festival

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