I am a writer, opera singer, diplomat and curator. My lives meet. They meet on the page and they meet on stage. They meet at the borders and in board rooms.  Sometimes on centre stage, sometimes in the wings, sometimes in New York or Beijing – at other times in a room that no one will ever see. This website introduces you to my work  – from the words on the page – about music (essays, criticism, articles) that have been written to be read silently to the lyrics and plays that I have written for others to recite – from the songs that I have given the first breath – to the songs that have been given to me through others and finally, to the projects and collaborations between cultures that help us understand each other.   

Someone has come before me and someone will always come after.

“… Described as the ‘High Priestess of Harmony,’ whose creative writing ‘has enjoyed exceptional public approbation’ Xenia Hanusiak enjoys one of the most diverse lives experienced by artists today…”


This website is an introduction to my artistic life. For information regarding my professional and academic positions please see my LinkedIn and Academia links xenia hanusiak